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Art I Didn't Ask For - New Year's Love Note from Rachel

Dear Beda family,  

Just a little Thank you - Love Note to let you know how much your support has meant to the brand and myself personally. Although we were expected to launch a moisturiser for you guys (especially after all the rounds of testing from the community), it didn't work out that way because I truly felt that we could do even better. I've been visiting new labs in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, so fingers crossed 2024 will be the year. It doesn't feel honest to launch products for the sake of something new, so Thank You for your patience.  

On a personal note, I took a lot of losses and major setbacks in 2023 that required all my energy and discipline (that I didn't even know existed). It's been eye opening and positively renewing. Beda and our community has truly been the biggest life line, and meeting so many of you IRL has been beautifully uplifting. Who knew all these new and old connections could provide so much excitement and also allow me to cry so deeply in the shower. It's such a freeing experience. Try it sometime, so many of us carry anxiety inside and try to live with it, but it feels incredible to let it all out. Which makes me think that we should really maximise the potential of our community's safe space. Open to all ideas.  

sunset on a plane, girlfriends, hiking trip

Sunset image via Beda customer; photo of my best friends from last summer

One final thought, and at the risk of sounding fluffy, I really believe in the power of the universe. Letting go of the past AND the fear of the future, really allows us to be present. It's not easy but I just know the universe will reward us. If you feel so inclined, start a note on your phone titled "Art I didn't Ask for" and write down all the little and big things that made you feel present. You can see my full list in the photo below. Once you start seeing Art in your daily life, you'll never want to go back to meaningless connections because being present is the most fulfilling feeling. So much of life is about being excited, even something as habitual as washing your face and applying Bedaskin serum. Wishing for more art for all of us in 2024. 

With love,  Rachel


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