Better Days' goal is to make things simple, so that everyone can experience the freedom of being comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Founding Story
Less, but Better

Better Days was born out of the frustration of not being able to find multi-tasking skincare products formulated for sensitive skin. As someone with easily sensitised skin that is prone to hormonal blemishes and dermatitis flare ups, I felt both overlooked and trapped by this industry. So I decided to bridge the gap.

My personal experience with 10 step programs paired with highly concentrated single "hero" ingredient products ended up overwhelming my skin and created a cyclical process where my skin barrier was continuously compromised. This is why skin integrity is our utmost priority at Better Days, and our philosophy is to be as kind to our skin as possible.

Skincare should be simple, safe and smart - it is essential to not use too many products. The key is to embrace multi-tasking products that can target several skin-enhancing pathways at the same time.

Our Multi-Active Treatment Essence harnesses nourishing ingredients to deliver nutrients and treat our myriad of skin concerns with long term results. We excluded fragrance and fragrant essential oils because they are not always tolerated by those of us with sensitive conditions. It is a unique 7-in-1 multi-correctional formula that renews, brightens, hydrates, energises, firms, soothes and restores in one gentle step.

Ultimately, our products are formulated to simplify routines so you can do better with less.

Our Process
From Our Skin to Yours

To develop a product with true efficacy and to ensure accessibility for different skin conditions, we knew from the very beginning that it was crucial to involve actual skincare users beyond our immediate circles in the entire development process - from conceptualisation to testing, sourcing, designing and finally, to launching.

Each batch of our lab samples (V.1 through V.5) was tested not only by us at Better Days, but also friends of friends and new connections made via social media. From there, we were able to consider and make adjustments based on everyone’s feedback for each iteration of the lab samples before we released them for further testing.

We love to share all the things that are usually "behind-the-scenes" because all the discussions we have with everyone provides valuable insight on matters ranging from texture, ingredients and packaging to compatibility and feel-good factors, etc.

On an intangible level but perhaps most precious, the encouragement we receive from friends new and old alike motivates us deeply and keeps us from operating alone in an echo chamber. We truly enjoy learning from what everyone shares with us - it feels like we are a community connected by a common love for better skin health.

Our Multi-Active Treatment Essence is a culmination of this 2 year process but at the same time remains open-ended and will evolve as skin science advances. To do this, we aim to release the product in small batches so we can stay flexible for continuous improvement.


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