Cycle Syncing your Skincare - The TCM way

Cycle Syncing your Skincare - The TCM way

So, you want to 'cycle sync' your skincare routine

but you're not sure where to start. It was pretty intimidating for me too. Here at BEDA, we are all about understanding our bodies with a TCM perspective. I’m sure you’ve experienced the PMS nightmare of clogged pores and hormonal breakouts. Cycle syncing might be a skincare trend that’s here to stay, think of it as a lifestyle habit. 

What even is cycle syncing?

* and why you should be doing it 

For me, it all started when I wanted to take my health more seriously. I started noticing how inconsistent my cycle was and decided to start tracking it using an app. 

The app had so many features on what to track in order to get a more accurate reading, and it really opened my eyes to how central your cycle is to your overall health and ecosystem. Your scalp, skin, mood, energy levels, cravings, even digestion are all affected and help tell you what’s going on inside. [P.S scroll to the end if you’d like to use the same app I use.]

Without navigation, it can be really frustrating and might make you feel out of control. Understanding your cycle can help you feel more in tune with your body and help treat what’s uncontrollable and inevitable.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there are 4 phases in our menstrual cycle :

TCM holds the belief that a woman's uterus is the heart of our health and well-being and from which, we derive our beauty and skin health. Let's break down each phase and build the best skincare routine for your cycle phases.

Surviving Phase 1: Dryness & Sensitivity



MOOD: Your hormone (estrogen & progesterone) levels drop which may cause mood swings.

SKIN: Your skin maybe more dull, dry & and sensitive so your main focus should be hydration. Supplement your skin with BEDA’s multi-active treatment essence for light and gentle exfoliation if needed.

Surviving Phase 2: Making the most out of it!


ENERGY: Medium 

MOOD: Better. You will start to feel more clear minded.

SKIN: Estrogen & collagen levels rise, skin is thicker, more elastic and more glowy. Your skin is living its best life! To manage residual hormonal breakouts, use chemical exfoliants like the BEDA essence to keep acne at bay. Niacinamide or vitamin C serums are great options to further boost your glow.

We recommend: 
Serum (scar focused): Paula’s Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster
Serum (hydrating focused): Torriden Dive In Low Molecule HA Serum

Surviving Phase 3: Anticipating PMS



MOOD: Great. Positive emotions rise!

SKIN: Estrogen & testosterone rises. Start prepping for the following PMS phase with actives like retinol, BHA etc. Your skin during this phase might be prone to clogging, so exfoliation is key. Remember, treatment is great, but prevention is ideal.

Surviving Phase 4: The Dreaded PMS

QI PHASE / LUTEAL (Days 21-28)


MOOD: the much reviled "PMS" phase, you may feel moody, sluggish, tired, angry, sad etc.

SKIN: Progesterone rises, skin produces more oil, leading to acne flare ups & clogged pores. Double cleansing is the best technique for deep cleaning the skin. Use calming, anti-inflammatory products and extra spot treatments like azelaic acid or BEDA essence, where necessary.

We recommend:
First Cleanser (oil based): Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm or DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
Second Cleanser (water based): LRP Toleriane Dermo Cleanser
Spot Treatment: by WishTrend Sulfur 3% Clean gel or BEDA

Just Glow with the Flow

Remember, everyone’s cycle and skin are unique, so take the time to observe how your skin responds to different phases and products. Adjust as you go and enjoy the journey of learning more about yourself.

Our bodies deserve patience, kindness and gentleness.

Hope this guide has made the world of cycle syncing a little less intimidating. Feel free to share your experiences and tips with us below or on our instagram @bedaskin

With love, 


P.S Our Next Community Hangout!

We will be having a TCM community hang on 27th April Saturday, save the date and we can do some IRL cycle syncing. We'll be hanging with the founders of our favourite TCM brands YY wellness and Jing Botanics as well.


Want to start tracking your Cycle?

I’ve been using Clue & it’s just like journalling!

[image from clue] : it has so many detailed features and caters to different goals. Whether it’s just to track your period for cycle syncing, it has a ton of material on women’s health ranging from pregnancy, birth control, safe sex and pre-menopause.

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