Cycle Syncing your Skincare - The TCM way

Cycle Syncing your Skincare - The TCM way

So you want to cycle sync your skincare but you're not sure where to start. Here at Beda, we are all about understanding our bodies with a TCM perspective.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there are 4 phases in our menstrual cycle :

TCM cycle

The TCM monthly cycle for women

TCM holds the belief that a woman's uterus is the heart of our health and well-being and from which, we derive our beauty and skin health. With PMS, and hormones affecting each phase, hormonal acne can be quite tricky. Let's break down each phase and learn how to adjust our skincare routines to maintain healthy, glowing skin.




MOOD: Your hormone (estrogen & progesterone) levels drop which may cause mood swings

SKIN: Skin maybe more dull, more dry & sensitive. Try to increase hydration internally & externally. You can use Beda essence as a spot treatment if you are experiencing period breakouts.

menstural cycle skincare routine

Menstural phase (Day 1-6) Skincare routine

TCM FOOD: Focus on warming and mineral-rich foods such as red meat, liver, kidney beans, turmeric and seaweed to circulate and replenish lost blood. Have more orange/red veggies. Skip raw, cold foods, spicy & oily dishes. Comforting soups & stews are most welcome, try congee with pork or fish. 



ENERGY: Medium 

MOOD: Better. You start to feel more clear minded

SKIN: Estrogen & collagen levels rise, skin is thicker and more elastic, more glowy. Skin is living its best life! Use products like Beda essence to control acne and Niacinamide or vitamin C serums to boost your glow.

FOLLICULAR phase routine (Days 7-13)

Yin Phase / Follicular Phase Skincare Routine  (Days 7-13)

TCM FOOD: Eat fermented foods like kimchi and protein like beans, fish, eggs and meat. Lots of cooked leafy greens. Make Dang Gui Chicken Soup 當歸補血湯, aka "female ginseng", it builds blood by circulating & enriching yin.




MOOD: Great. Positive emotions rise!

SKIN: Estrogen & testosterone rise. Start prepping for the following PMS phase with actives like retinol, BHA etc. Exfoliate your skin with Beda essence to prevent clogged pores.

cycle syncing skincare routine ovulation phase

Yang Phase / Ovulation Phase Skincare Routine  (Days 13-21)

TCM FOOD: Nourish your kidneys with warming foods such as rice, oatmeal, chives, onions, scallions, chicken etc. Cruciferous veggies help flush excess estrogen. Your Yang energy is more robust now; cinnamon and ginger can help support the "inner fire" in your uterus.  


QI PHASE / LUTEAL (Days 21-28)


MOOD: the much reviled "PMS" phase, you may feel moody, sluggish, tired, angry, sad etc.

SKIN: Progesterone rises, skin produces more oil, leading to acne flare ups & clogged pores. Double cleanse, use calming products and extra spot treatments like azelaic acid or Beda essence, where necessary.

luteal phase skincare routine

Qi Phase / Luteal Phase Skincare Routine (Days 21-28)

TCM FOOD: Minimise cravings & stabilize blood sugar with complex carbs, root & cruciferous veggies; sweet potatoes, kale, broccoli etc. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, fried food. If you are prone to strong period cramps, you can try making the herbal soup 四物汤. (Ask your TCM doctor if it's suitable for you).

 As always, be kind to your body (and your skin), and take the gentle approach.

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