Recap: Making New Friends at Beda’s First Sunday Hang

Recap: Making New Friends at Beda’s First Sunday Hang

Best Sunday Ever!

Held at Trapeze Rec Club’s cosy little cafe on the 10th of March, our hang was so much fun thanks to the genuine warmth of all our new friends. We had mini bouquets for everyone and our Signature Beda Claw as a gift for our 3rd anniversary. 

First Date Feels

It honestly felt like a first date, but in a big group! Some nerves leading up to the hang but from the moment we all started chatting, there was an instantaneous connection. One of the best things about Bedaskin is our diverse community: From medical field experts, arborists/tree doctors, ecomm experts and even Dune movie enthusiasts. We have such a wide range of personalities and backgrounds; the conversations were endless and hilarious. We shared anecdotes, discussed hair claw styles and discovered mutual interests. It was inspiring to see friendships blossom in real-time. 

group of girls laughing. Girl

Making New Friends as Adults

Making new friends as adults can be quite difficult and lonely. There’s beauty in vulnerability and stepping out of your comfort zone, and it was so nice to meet everyone IRL after being online so often. Attending a community event was a first for most of us, but unlike a one on one first date, it was more like a women's circle. How often do we get to meet new girlfriends after our 20s. Our 20s and 30s are an interesting transition period - most of us spend our majority of time at our workplaces and with our families. Some of us are lucky enough to have good friends from school days but sometimes we outgrow those friendships as well. It's not easy to make new friends when you barely have time for rest and exercise. Finding balance in our adult lives is nothing like what we see on TV or Instagram, Tiktok etc. Most of us are struggling. It's why we started Beda's Positively Sensitive Club, to organise Sunday Hangs and other community events for all of us to come together, with no pressure at all to be anyone but yourself. So thank you for all the giggles and pheromones (you guys moved my cycle up by 4 days!). 

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See more photos of Beda's Claw Clip in the wild.

Beda Claw Clip Cult

I love that you guys coined the Beda ‘CCC’ (Claw Clip Cult). It's the only kind of cult I would ever want to be part of. Everyone looked so cute in their claw; so exciting that this is how we will spot all the Beda girls in the wild. There are actually so many different hairstyles you can make with a hair claw, we'll be sure to do more tutorials for you. Here's our Taylor Swift Superbowl Braid inspired tutorial, all you need are 3 elastics & your claw. Do share how you style yours with us, send pics, DMs, anything.

Happy skincare enthusiasts enjoying a brunch hangout filled with laughter and group photos. A vibrant gathering of friends bonding over their love for skincare and good company.

And a big thank you to Grant Wee (an OG Beda user) for kindly sharing the TRC space, he was the best host. We loved TRC's acai bowls and golden tumeric lattes. Can’t wait for more hangs together and to meet even more of you IRL. 

Ready for our Second Date?

Upcoming Singapore  Hangout, all is invited, Limited skincare samples will be given. First come first serve.

Drop a note below if you have fun ideas for our future dates.



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