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BBC - Recapping our Book Club Launch & Prepping for Beda Girl Summer

Hello friends & book lovers!

Our Beda Book Club launch was so incredible. We were so thrilled to see so many of you excited to re-read or start reading Normal People to prep for our inaugural trivia night.

Here’s the quick round up:

The response was amazing and we loved hearing how many of you loved the book.

P.S The 5 winners have already been contacted, all with perfect scores. This is just the beginning, there will be more books and great prizes in the near future! Plus, our quizzes will still be open for you to play for fun with friends and family. 

From the get-go, it was clear that this book was a special read for so many of you and we loved reading through your answers to our bonus question "Why is Normal People special to you?"

"I read this book because of the recommendation from BBC. I picked up the book on Saturday casually and couldn’t put it down. It has been years since I finished a book in a day. I love how the characters were written to be broken yet seemingly “normal people”. I love how the characters matures throughout the years and grow from being in relationships from others which also reflects directly when they are together. It reminds me of how I’ve changed along the way through the years as well."

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"There's always a tugging feeling that my heart felt whenever I read those pages that describes Marianne and Connell, it's as if I can feel how Marianne felt."

"First off, big thanks to Beda for organising this inaugural trivia quiz or I would have never stumbled upon this book…..Having studied in Hong Kong my whole life, sexual relationships (when we are still in high school) is not common and it also makes me wonder if bullying is much worse in overseas countries….. this is the first book I ever read for a bookclub, so that reason alone should be special enough? (wink) Much love."

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Everyone really opened up and shared how the book touched them personally. It was like *Normal People* held up a mirror to our own lives, sparking deep, heartfelt conversations.

"The poignant writing style stirred up so many emotions in me and really made me reflect on my insecurities, sense of identity and the connections i have with those around me"

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“ … so relatable in many ways for me as I saw my own shadow in Marianne especially when she worked so hard to get a scholarship not for the money but rather for affirmation from society. The ending was satisfying in that they seemed to have found their own direction in life …. It's essentially like falling in love more with yourself because your other half encouraged you to become the person you always wanted to.”

aesthetic book reading, girl reading book with blue boxers

A Book That Brought Us Together

‘Normal People’ did more than just give us something to read; it brought us closer together. And we want to thank you all for taking the time to participate and share such meaningful parts of yourself.

“The book offers a raw and honest portrayal of relationships, which can be deeply relatable and thought-provoking. It delves into the complexities of love, friendship, and personal growth, providing an emotionally rich narrative that can resonate on a personal level too.… the themes of social class, mental health, and the influence of technology on relationships are particularly relevant today, making the story feel current and significant…. Overall, "Normal People" stands out for me as a special story because it captures the intricate, often messy nature of human connections in a way that feels both universal and deeply personal.”

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“It portrays beautifully what it means to be alive, and it’s not easy. It describes relationships and how they shape an individual’s identity. The people around us and the relations we have with them, what we know and what we don’t, influences the people we become. More importantly, it’s self acceptance of who one is, and mastering the skill of communication to understand the other party well.”

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To Celebrate - Free Beda Girl Stickers

You guys loved the Beda Girl Stickers and we are so excited to celebrate the launch of BBC together! We are gifting Beda Girl Stickers with every order, so be sure to get yours while stocks last!

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Skin, Soul & Mind

Everything in our body is connected, and that includes our mental health and skin health. It’s important not to neglect our softness and nurture it, and that includes our mind. Having a connected community is actually proven to boost mental health, lowering cortisol which is a major factor in acne and inflammation. So, investing time and effort in soothing the mind can help keep your skin at bay, and even improve your overall skin health in the long run.

Plus, taking a break from all the screens with a good book can be a game-changer. A digital detox can help reduce stress and improve sleep. And when we're less stressed and sleeping better, our skin is one of the first to show it! So, stay present with some quality reading time to help ease anxiety, improve sleep, and give our skin that extra glow.

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Our Next Book for the Summer

With such a fantastic start, we’re all pumped for the next read. We’ve already chosen our next book, and we can’t wait to dive into new discussions, insights and connections we’ll uncover. It’s a Beda Girl’s summer and we have a feeling you’re going to love this book.

“..easily lovable, perfect for fans of Sally Rooney & Lauren Groff” - Booklist
“A debut novel of love and privilege that’s made for TV” - LA Times
“ A canny and engrossing rewiring of the big-city romance” - Kirkus Reviews

Stay tuned for future announcements on our next Trivia Night prizes! It’s going to be bigger and better with 10 winners and even more exciting prizes. Make sure to be subscribed to our email list for updates. 

More to Come!

In the end, launching our book club has been a reminder of how powerful books can be in bringing people together. Through *Normal People* and the open, honest conversations it inspired, our Beda Book Club is definitely a very special way to connect with you guys, and we can’t wait for you all to see what we have in store for the future!

With love, 

Rachel & Alia


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