TCM Saturday Hang Recap: From Online DMs to IRL Connections,  Beda Girls get together for all things beauty & TCM

TCM Saturday Hang Recap: From Online DMs to IRL Connections, Beda Girls get together for all things beauty & TCM

Our second official hang was at the Edition Hotel Lobby lounge, and this time we invited our favourite TCM sister brands, YY wellness and Jing Botanics to co-host with us.

As you know, Beda’s skincare is formulated both with proven actives and TCM ingredients, and we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to our skin health. We subscribe to a TCM lifestyle, which involves lots of warm water (never cold!), protecting our periods and I know all of us Beda girls love all things beauty and TCM so it was really fun to have YY Wellness bring in their TCM tea specially developed for women’s period cycles.

The Best "Dating" Experience

Isn't it funny how meeting someone in person after interacting with them online for ages can feel a bit like online dating? There's that mix of excitement and nervousness, but ultimately, it was a blast. After DM’ing so many of you for years, some of us since 2021, it was really nice to finally meet you all in person. 

Without the pressures of actual dating, making new friends is way more fulfilling and heart-expanding. Lots of girls formed new friendships around different passions and interests. For example, obviously, all the Beda moms gravitated towards each other. Beda girls are all so unique, funny and motivated.

And speaking of connections, can we talk about the turnout? It was incredible.The lobby lounge was absolutely bustling with so much energy, giggles and pheromones. Just like you would show up with a rose in your hand to a blind date, all the girls showed up in their Signature Beda Hair Claw, which was kind of hilarious. Immediately recognisable as a Beda Girl. It was definitely the place to be that weekend. 

Seeing so many of you show up and dive into so many different conversations is exactly why we do these hangs. Low pressure, comfortable and lots of fun. From brainstorming TCM-inspired whipped yoghurt recipes to swapping stories about solo travels etc. Definitely was my favourite kind of dating experience.

Also, I would love to send out a huge congratulations to an upcoming wedding and recent engagement. Thanks for sharing with us at the hang, so excited for your new journey. I hope Bedaskin will help keep you glowing on your special day.

Every hang comes with fun free gifts from all of us. This time we had our really cute PSC tote, Radiance V.1 Lab Samples & Travel size sachets of our iconic MATE. And to top it off, mini tea pack from YY and the cute fan from Jing.

I know you guys love merch and saw a sneak peek of our upcoming travel pouch, the “Softie” which is finally ready for pre-orders!!! Use code SOFTIE10 for 10% off.

The TCM Beauty & Wellness Trio

It’s no secret we love tea. It’s such a central part of Asian culture. Simplifying centuries worth of Chinese medicine, YY wellness is also all about supporting the working women’s monthly cycle with three different teas. Having sat down and talked with Maria (Co-founder) her passion really radiated off of her. Everyone at the hang tried her different TCM tea that corresponded to their cycle, some of us had the White tea, some of us had the Pink tea. It’s absolutely amazing that Maria created such an accessible herbal tea routine for the modern woman. Where has this been all our lives?

Shout out to Ivan and Hazel, best friend founders of TCM haircare brand Jing Botanics. They brought their warm energy and super cute wooden fans as gifts to everyone. They demonstrated how to improve scalp health with their scalp gua sha and got everyone massaging their own heads.

It's so important to listen to our bodies to stay in tune with it. To know when we are pushing it too hard, and to give it what it needs. Needless to say that the YY wellness teas were a big hit.

P.S If you are curious to know more about syncing your beauty habits with your cycle, you can read more on cycle-syncing your skincare on our previous PSC blog!

As always, you guys moved up my cycle once again, this time by almost a week early. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to come hang.

See You Soon HK Beda Girlies

For our Hong Kong Beda girls, we’ll be doing a Sunday Hang with Matchali in two weeks time!

With love,



P.S Project Radiance Update

The heart of Bedaskin is our community built formulas. Radiance v.01 is our first lab sample, providing brightening effects with added barrier support. We are formulating it to both be absorbed by skin but also forms a protective layer on top of our skin. This way, our skin will be both hydrated and moisturised, (there is a difference!). We will go into details on this next time.

Perfect for our positively sensitive club, Project Radiance is our answer to one of the biggest issues for us with extra sensitive skin. We wanted to create a non-vitamin C moisturiser that was gentle and stable, to give our skin that fabulous healthy glow without the usual irritation.

Your feedback is the key to the effectiveness of our formulas, so please let us know what you think!

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