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Hydrate Your Summer Skin with Skin Food like our Beauty Smoothie Recipes!

Is it just us or did Spring skip ahead to Summer already. It's a heatwave! We've been hiding at home to stay cool but sometimes just drinking water isn't enough to hydrate our bodies and skin. If your summer skin is feeling dehydrated, you should really consider what we like to call "Eating Your Water" here at Bedaskin. Did you know? Eating water-rich whole foods will give you a bigger hydration boost, because they are packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and electrolytes. They're the ultimate skin food. If you want to hydrate your skin inside out, and you like the idea of sipping on something fresh and sweet (no refined sugars here), you have to try our beauty smoothie recipes out. Today we're sharing two recipes, they are both traditional home recipes and are anti-inflammatory, hydrating and energising for the body (and skin!).

TCM Summer Pear Beauty Smoothie Recipe

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Summer's hot weather can easily lead to dehydration and “heaty” skin. This beauty smoothie uses a combination of pear, mung beans and snow mushroom to cool, detox, hydrate and nourish your summer skin inside out (清熱潤燥)! P.S You might also recognize the ingredient Snow mushroom from a lot of skincare products. Did you know? Snow mushrooms can hold 500 times their own weight in water and studies have shown they are even more effective at improving skin's water-holding capabilities than hyaluronic acid! Talk about natural skin food. 

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1. Soak the beans overnight

2. Soak the mushroom in hot water for 10 minutes

3. Clean, rinse & drain all the ingredients


1. Place everything into your blender 

2. Select the "Soy milk" or "Nut milk" function, that's it! Adjust the consistency to your liking with water 

3. Serve warm or cool. 


Hydrating smoothie for skin, antiinflammatory diet, antioxidant

Note* Do not consume raw. Use a blender that can cook and heat. If you don't have this type of blender, you can always blend everything and cook on stovetop for 30 minutes. And if you prefer a sweeter finish, you can add a touch of date sugar.  Also, avoid cooling foods during your time of the month! Always consult your TCM doctor or specialist for individual recommendation.


Date Milk Beauty & Energy Smoothie

Have you heard of بلح بلبن? Looks fancy but, it literally means date with milk. This was one of my favourite drinks growing up and it’s a cult favourite during long hot days when you don't have an appetite to eat. This date milk is so energy-packed and hydrating, it is way better than sweating over a heavy, heaty meal. So if you're looking to hydrate and also fuel your day, this is the beauty smoothie recipe to reach for. Not only does it taste like a dessert, but it’s also rich in polyphenol antioxidants that act as prebiotics that will help regulate your microbiome, improving your overall gut health. And you already know that whatever is good for our gut, is also good for our skin. Your skin will thank you for all this skin food. Plus, it is quite literally the easiest recipe you can make.

date milk, beauty recipes, anti inflammatory diet


1. Pit all your dates and set aside in a bowl

2. Heat your milk of choice until warm

3. Pour the warm milk over your dates and let soak

4.Once cooled down, continue to soak the dates overnight in the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours (overnight for best results)


1. Take the date infused milk out of the fridge and blend it up until smooth

2. Add a dash of cinnamon for extra depth in flavour

3.Add water if necessary to achieve your preferred consistency 

4. Serve warm or cool


date milk, beauty recipes

Some of my friends love to add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to boost flavour but I find it already sweet and delicious without, so it's really up to you. Most of the magic is in the prep, so feel free to add extra toppings or flavours. Perhaps a sprinkle of nutmeg? This beauty recipe is truly the perfect base for whatever suits your fancy/mood. And it will totally satisfy any sweet cravings.

Stay hydrated lovies

Hydrating our skin inside out is a lifestyle, don't overthink it. Choose natural beauty smoothies over sugary iced drinks and you will see a huge difference in the long run. Refined sugar is one of the quickest way to damage our collagen, dry our skin out and aggravate acne. If you have a sweet tooth, stick with whole fruits and food. The most hydrating skin food in the summer will be watermelons, pineapples, pears, papayas and oranges. You should never deprive yourself but you can always choose to be kind to your skin. Stay tuned for our next newsletter, we’ll be sharing more traditional home beauty recipes. Let us know if there’s a particular one you’d like us to try and share with us if you try out these smoothies on our instagram @bedaskin.

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