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Welcome to the Positively Sensitive Club!

Hi everyone, I’m Alia :) 

I’m so excited to be the newest member of the Bedaskin Team and to kickstart the launch of PSC; the Positively Sensitive Club - a safe space for highly sensitive people (both in skin type and personality), to feel welcomed, supported and guided in the journey of self-care.

Most of us will probably remember being told we were “too sensitive”. I definitely have, on multiple occasions. But I actually think being sensitive makes life more interesting. It allows me to love gently, listen with compassion, and be truly present. (+ I give great hugs ;D)

Self care and gentle living goes beyond what everyone calls “girl therapy”. Skincare isn't just about slathering on different products; it is a genuine and active form of healing that not only soothes the skin, but the soul. For us HSPs, finding the right skincare can be a long and traumatising process full of trial and error. But with the right resources, it can be possible to find your magic regimen that nurtures both your skin and mental health. The same goes for finding the right community - which is why we are so happy to have you here as part of our Positively Sensitive Club!

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Our PSC newsletter aims to bring comforting conversations and create positivity in the spaces between skincare and self care. Can’t wait to share more.

Stay tuned to our weekly newsletters where we chat about all things lifestyle, tips and trends, recipes, travel, and TCM wellness practices.

+ look forward to upcoming community events and exclusive merch & gifts!

PSC merch just for you. Coming soon

With love, 


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